On Wednesday, March 20, 2019, all education unions are organizing one

education strike. Staff from our school will also

participate in this. As a result, normal school events can be serious

be disturbed. As a parent you are more involved than ever before

That is precisely why we would like to inform you thoroughly.

With this strike “Why? Therefore! Even a child knows some education

needs ”, the common trade union front education (COV, COC,

ACOD Education and VSOA Education) enforce investments in the

following coalition agreements. No more saving governments! Invest in


The needs in (primary) education are sky high and very clear. The call

Investment has often been repeated and not heard. Children are the

future. They deserve quality education. But the past

governments made this very difficult. We want to offer the very best education, but primary education is moaning under: increasing social pressure, the overloaded task of the teacher, savings and historical under-financing, the extension of careers to 67 without workable measures, M-decree with too little support in the class, heavy mental and emotional burden that causes disease rates to rise, directors who fail, too limited resources for nursery education, teacher shortages and massive drop-out among starters. #daaromstaaktonderwijs.

Education deserves better. We want to invest in primary education, in the quality of education for your child. That is why we stopped on 20 March. We hope for your understanding and thank you for this.


The trade union representative
————————————————- ————————————

Communication from the management

During a survey with our staff, we note that only 2 nursery teachers and 6 primary education teachers will be present. A strike usually involves organizational problems such as leave requests at the work of parents, care by parents, grandparents or third parties for whom we fully understand. However, we must respect the RIGHT OF STRIKES of the employees and can only organize care with the employees who want to work this day. Of course, no normal lesson activities will be held in this situation.

We therefore ask you to keep your children at home as much as possible or to find another solution


The director and mrs. Plugers (secretariat) will be present.

FYI: “Mereltjes” daycare is open all day 012/237026 (register in advance)

“Children’s paradise” daycare: only open before and after school

Yours sincerely,

The director